Getting started

Signavio is a web application. This means you access your Signavio Process Manager workspace by logging into your account on the Signavio server. You can find out how to register and login in the section Signing up .

This chapter provides an overview of the features of Signavio Process Manager. If you are already familiar with Process Manager, you can use the content overview to jump to the chapter that is relevant to you.

The Explorer

After logging in, What is the Explorer? opens in your browser. It allows you to navigate through diagrams and files stored in your Signavio workspace. Here you can create new diagrams and publish them in the Collaboration Hub or share them by other means. As Signavio supports open standards, importing diagrams from other systems is easy. In the Explorer, you can adjust your personal settings. Administrators can also configure workspace settings here.

The Explorer with expanded diagram preview/activity feed panel

The Editor

The Editor (Modeling) can be accessed by opening a diagram or creating a new one. Using the Editor, you can create and edit all kinds of supported diagrams.

The Editor with opened attributes panel

Besides BPMN 2.0, Signavio supports Decision Model and Notation (DMN), ArchiMate, and many Further notations.


Modeling with QuickModel gives you the possibility to create simple BPMN-diagrams within seconds by use of a spreadsheet-like interface. Diagrams created in this application can be edited in the Editor like any other diagram to add complexity or update the process.

Creating a diagram in the QuickModel application

The Dictionary

Working with the Dictionary allows you to manage and re-use specific modeling elements. It also allows you to ensure all your modelers are using the same terms and elements in your organization-specific modeling environment.

The Dictionary, shown here with the Roles category opened

Collaboration Hub

Classic Collaboration Hub provides access to your published process landscape. Readers and commenters can access Collaboration Hub via a browser certificate or Directory Services and/or Microsoft SharePoint integration .

Collaboration Hub

The Diagram and Revision Comparison Tool

The diagram and revision comparison tool (Comparing revisions ) helps you to keep track of changes.

The diagram revision feature

BPMN and DMN Simulation

With Signavio Process Manager, you can run Simulating BPMN diagrams and DMN simulation to analyze key performance indicators and bottlenecks and apply your business decision logic directly within the tool. The DMN Test lab helps you to continuously check whether your decision logic is consistent with your initial requirements.

A diagram being simulated


Our team is constantly improving and extending Signavio Process Manager. You will find the latest version number and our release notes at

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You can also send a support request from the editor. Go to the user menu and select Send feedback from the drop-down list.