Referencing external data sources


To be able to reference external data sources, you need to implement and configure the corresponding interface first. Read more at Managing external data sources.

Once an external service has been set up, it can be selected in the Dictionary under Simple Type - External Enumeration of Values.

In the Dictionary, all categories that can be used to define input data can have dictionary entries that make use of external data. To be able to define input data for a category, the check-box Use as DMN input data has to be activated.

To reference an external data source in a dictionary item, use Simple Type in the Type Definition field and choose ExternalService as Value Domain. Now, the field Service allows you to select one of the services that have been registered:

Reference an external service from a dictionary entry.

Reference an external service from a dictionary entry.

When the dictionary item is used in a decision table, the service response will determine the data type, for example enumeration or hierarchy.