Personal profile settings

You can adjust some settings to customize Signavio Process Manager according to your needs. Profile settings are centrally managed in the My profile dialog, which can be accessed via Setup - My profile.

In the **My profile** dialog you can customize your user profile.

In the ‘My profile’ dialog you can customize your user profile.


If you have registered multiple workspaces with one singel email address, the settings for password, language and user name will apply globally for all these workspaces. The settings or information about edition (licenses), groups, tipps and subscriptions apply to the current workspace.

Global settings

In the My profile dialog, you define the folllwing global information:

Parameter Description
Academic title, first name, last name These three fields make up your user name. It shows up everywhere you leave a mark or communicate with a colleague,like in diagram version histories in the activity feed or when you invite someone to collaborate. Changes in the user name are only displayed after reloading the page.

The e-mail address you are registered with at Signavio Process Manager, it cannot be changed. You will get notifications from the Signavio software to this address if you have subscriptions.

Note: Because the email is associated with the license, please contact our support team under for a change of this email address.

Company/Org. Enter the name of your organization.
Language Here, you can specify the language for your personal profile. After confirming by clicking Save the page is loading in the new language immediately. More information about languages are described in chapter Supported languages.
Password To change your password, simply type the new password in the corresponding field, then again in the field below and click Save. The password requirements can be set by the administrator, ead more at Defining password policies.

Local settings and information

The local settings and information apply only to the current workspace.

Parameter Description
Edition This entry tells you what Signavio licenses you are registered for. If you need additional licenses, please contact your administrator.
Groups The user groups you are a member of are listed here. Administrators can add and delete users to user groups as explained at Managing user groups.
Display today’s top tip automatically Activate the checkbox if you would like to see a new tip every day after login.
Subscriptions Here, all your subscriptions are listed. You can delete those that are no longer needed by clicking Remove. By default, new users subscribe to weekly email updates about changes to the content of the ‘Shared documents’ folder.