The Explorer view

The icon view

The symbol view in the Explorer.

In this view, diagrams and folders are represented as icons. For diagrams, a small preview is provided that allows you to find the diagram you are looking for faster.

Details about a selected diagram can be found at the bottom of the Explorer in the activity panel.

When working on diagrams collaboratively–for example, in the Collaboration Hub–it is possible to comment on diagrams and diagram elements. Unread comments that were created by users who are not members of your workspace will be marked with a little speech bubble symbol in the Explorer.

Unread comments are also displayed in the icon view.

Unread comments are also displayed in the icon view

To view your colleagues’ comments, open the respective diagram in the Editor. To read more about commenting, go to the chapters Adding comments in Collaboration Hub or Working with comments in the Editor.

The list view

Unread comments are also displayed in the icon view.

Diagrams and folders are listed along with additional information about each file. Selecting an element activates the diagram preview in the preview panel at the bottom if the panel is extended.

Sort list entries.

Sort list entries

Clicking the title of a row sorts the elements by the respective column.

Managing the list view

You can individually configure which of the diagram attributes are shown as columns in the table view. All attributes on diagram level and the attributes Revision, Last Change, Last Author and Published are available.

To configure the list view, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Setup, then Edit general configuration. A dialogue box will open.

  2. In the Explorer section, you can edit the table columns preferences. Click Add attribute to add another attribute to the list view.

    Add an attribute to the list view.

    You can rearrange the order of the attributes using the arrow icons and configure the size and the position of the attribute column. To delete an attribute from the list view click the trash button.

  3. Click Save to save your settings. The list view is updated with the attributes you have configured.

Refreshing the Explorer view

After saving a diagram in the Editor (after renaming it, for example), the Explorer view may not be up-to-date anymore. In this case, a dialog asking you to refresh pops up.

Note to refresh the Explorer view.

Note to refresh the Explorer view

Sometimes, you may want to refresh the Explorer manually. Use the Refresh button in the top right corner of the Explorer.

Manually refresh the Explorer if the system does not register a change.

Manually refresh the view if the system does not register a change

Display of the current path

In both the list and in the icon view, you see the file path on top of the list. If you want to jump to a parent folder, click the corresponding folder name.

The following example shows how to jump back to the ‘Shared documents’ folder:

Use the diagram path for quick navigation.

Use the diagram path for quick navigation