Executing processes in Workflow Accelerator


Workflow Accelerator is a workflow execution platform targeted at business users who want to perform intuitive and professional automation of personalized processes. To make use of the Workflow Accelerator integration, you need to have purchased Workflow Accelerator licenses. For more information, contact sales@signavio.com.

To switch from the Signavio Explorer to your task list in Workflow Accelerator, click Workflow Accelerator - Open workflows in Workflow Accelerator:

Open your task list in Workflow Accelerator.

Open your task list in Workflow Accelerator.

If the process has not been deployed to Workflow Accelerator and you are the workspace owner, you can deploy the process.

For more information about process execution, please refer to the Workflow Accelerator User Guide.

If you like to read about process design for Workflow Accelerator, please refer to the section Process design.