Granting read-only access to diagrams

Signavio allows you to share diagrams with collaborators in read-only mode. For read only access without the commenting option, create a link to send to your colleagues via the embedding function.

The system allows you to generate a link to a PNG-picture representation of your diagram.

Open the embedding menu.

Open the embedding menu.

  1. Click Share, then Embed diagram in the menu bar.
  2. If the embedding function for this diagram has been activated, you can copy ink in the tab Simple image using the key combination CTRL+C to copy.
  3. Now you can paste this link in an email and send it to the desired recipient.

When opening the diagram via this link, the most recent version of it will be displayed.


To revoke the link and at the same time stop all sharing and embedding of a diagram, click Stop sharing the diagram for read-only access in the Embed diagram window.