Inviting modelers to edit a diagram

After you created or updated a diagram you might want to notify your fellow modelers and invite them to further refine the diagram. Or if you noticed that a diagram has not been updated for a long time, you might want to invite your colleagues to check its actuality and have it updated if necessary.


To be able to edit a diagram directly in the Editor, users must be registered in your workspace. Persons who do not have any licenses for your workspace, can for example use the commenting feature in Collaboration Hub to contribute indirectly.

With the feature Invite modeler to edit you can send an email with an invitation to edit to users who have registered for your workspace and have the appropriate rights to edit diagrams. If not otherwise set, all modelers in your workspace can edit diagrams that are stored in the folder Shared documents. In case a colleague is editing a diagram while you try to open it in the Editor, a warning is displayed. It is still possible to edit the diagram, however you may override stored changes of other working colleagues.

Invite colleagues to edit a diagram.

Invite colleagues to edit a diagram.

To send an invitation mail, proceed as follows:

  1. First select a diagram.

  2. Click Share, then Invite modeler to edit in the menu bar. The dialog Invite modeler to edit opens.

    The invitation dialog.
  3. Click the arrow to get to the next page.

  4. All registered users of the workspace who have write access to the diagram are displayed on the left. Select the people you want to notify.

  5. Customize the invitation message (optional).

  6. Click Send and an invitation email will be sent to all selected users.


You cannot grant additional access rights to people using this dialog. It is a mere notification mechanism. If you want to add more people to your workspace, please ask your system administrator. To discuss your diagram(s) with colleagues, you can also invite them to comment.