The notification and activity feed

Once you have created diagrams and then updated or changed them at least once, you have the option to see what was changed by whom at what time in the activity panel.

When you select folders or diagrams, the Explorer displays the activity panel at the bottom of the screen:

The activity panel provides diagram details.

The activity panel provides diagram details.

Notification configuration

In the activity panel, you can set how frequently you receive email updates about specific diagram(s) or folder(s). If you subscribe to a folder, you will receive updates regarding all the diagrams and sub-folders contained within. You can daily, weekly or monthly notifications. Alternately, you can unsubscribe from notifications entirely.

Manage email notifications about updates of the selected diagram or folder.

Manage email notifications about updates of the selected diagram or folder.


Your notifications will be sent in a single email.

Additional functions

The activity panel provides a preview of the diagram/folder as well as detailed information and management options regarding its version history.

To access this preview, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a diagram/folder.
  2. Click Expand in the lower left corner of the Explorer. Alternately, you can use the space bar on your keyboard:
Expand the activity panel to view a preview or the version history of the diagram.
  1. The panel expands, providing a visual overview of the diagram:
Open the visual diagram overview.
  1. To view the activity feed and manage the change and version history of the diagram, click the Feed button. The activity feed will now be displayed.
The activity feed provides an overview about the history of a folder or diagram.
  1. Hovering over the timeline provides you with specific time spans.
Hover over the activity provides you with the respective time  span.
  1. To gain a visual overview over an activity, click the Activity description.

The visualization will highlight the elements that have been changed.

  1. The overview also provides links to publish or comment the revision and to switch to the diagram comparison.
  2. If the selected revision is not the latest revision of the diagram, it is also possible to restore the revision:
  1. Too get a more detailed view on an activity set, it can be opened to show all its single activities by clicking the dots on the grey stripe at the right side. Each activity will be displayed separately:
  1. To hide the panel again, hit the space bar or click Collapse.