Enabling diagram embedding

If you want to share diagrams publically, enable diagram embedding.

To enable diagram embedding, proceed as follows:

  1. First, select the diagram you want to embed in the Explorer.
  2. Then select in the menu Share the Embed diagram entry. The Embed diagram dialog opens.
The location of the embedding menu in the Signavio Explorer.
  1. If you have not already done, enable embedding by clicking Share diagram for read-only access. The read-access for this diagram is now activated.
Activation of the embedding function.

You have now several options to embed the diagram:

  • as an interactive element (embedding)
  • as a simple image
  • as a Google gadget
  • in MediaWiki.

To embed diagrams in your Microsoft SharePoint system, you can simply integrate the whole Collaboration Hub into Microsoft SharePoint using a so-called webpart.

To embed a diagram in an external system, you have to explicitly allow the embedding. This can be reverted later on - in this case, all existing integrations of Signavio diagrams will be deactivated.

Diagrams can be published on web pages by embedding them with HTML.

Several use cases for embedding are listed and explained in the following chapters.

Disabling diagram embedding

Embeddings of diagrams can be disabled at any time by withdrawing read access for these diagrams. This can also be set in the Embed diagram dialog. Click the link Stop sharing the diagram for read-only access:

Revoking read access disables all embeddings.

Revoking read access disables all embeddings.

Via this link all embeddings (simple image, HTML, Google gadgets, and MediaWiki) become inactive, so that your diagram are no longer viewed on pages which previously have linked such a link.