Exporting dictionary entries

You can export dictionary entries to excel files. This is useful whenever you want to print the dictionary, review entries offline or import dictionary entries into other systems.

Proceed as follows to export dictionary entries:

Open the dictionary and click Import/Export - Export Excel:


Export dictionary entries.

A dialog opens and you can select the entries you want to export. As an example, if you selected “S” previously, only the entries beginning with S are displayed and you can export them by selecting the exporting method Export entries with the selected initial. You can choose to export the whole dictionary, a chosen category, (e.g. Organization Units like in the example) or, if the search field was used previously, only those entries that were found. If you have multi-language support activated for your workspace, you need to select what language you want to export to. If you want to export to several languages, you must export to each language individually.

Select an export method and click Export:


Choose if you want to export all entries or merely a subset.

Depending on your browser settings your browser will now prompt for the download or simply store the export file in your download folder. You can then open the file, e.g. with Microsoft Excel ®:


an example dictionary export spreadsheet