Exporting diagrams as Signavio archive (SGX) files

The export functionality for Signavio archives (SGX) provides a possibility to exchange diagrams and entire folders between workspaces or save them locally on your machine.

SGX is a Signavio specific file format. It cannot be imported into non-Signavio systems.

To e.g. send a diagram to a colleague who is not registered in your workspace but has their own Signavio workspace, it is possible to export it as SGX and send them an email containing the file. Then, they can import the SGX file into their workspace. After the import, your colleague will be able to view, comment and edit their copy of the diagram.

A possibility to exchange diagrams within one workspace is provided by the “Shared documents” folder. For frequent collaboration with colleges, we recommend to add them to your workspace if possible.

To export a Siganvio archive (SGX) containing diagrams and folder, proceed as follows:

  • (optional) Select one or more diagrams or folders.

  • Click Import / Export, then Export Signavio achive (SGX) in the top drop-down menu of the Siganvio Explorer.

    Export a diagram as SGX.

    Export a diagram as SGX.

  • A dialog opens and provides the possibility to choose the diagrams and folders that should be added to the archive. Dictionary entries that are used in the exported diagrams will be added to the archive by default. The SGX export also includes all specific views that were created for a diagram.

In case you want to export the whole revision history of the diagram, uncheck Export only the latest revision of each diagram at the bottom of the dialog.

To read more about the version history, please see the chapter Version history. - where?

Select the diagrams you want to export.

Select the diagrams you want to export.

  • Click Export. The archive will be downloaded via the download functionality of the web browser.