Generating document usage matrices

Data objects can be attached to an activity in BPMN 2.0 and denoted as input or output. In EPCs, documents can be attached to functions. The Document usage report creates an XLS file for one or many diagrams describing the assignment of documents to tasks. Moreover, linked dictionary entries representing a document are included in the report.


If custom attributes that link to dictionary entries representing documents are defined, those will also be included in the calculation.

This chapter explains how to generate a document usage matrix for a BPMN 2.0 process diagram. The steps will work with EPC as well.

  • (optional) Select a diagram

  • Click Reporting and click Document usage matrix (XLS):


    Click ‘Document usage matrix (XLS)’

  • The Document usage dialog opens.

  • If you selected a diagram during step 1, this is selected by default. If you want to include other diagrams into the report, it is possible to select them here.


    Trigger the export of the report.

  • Click Start analysis.

  • Open the generated document (in this example, using Microsoft Excel). Documents will be highlighted with a red background.


    This is what a document usage matrix could look like.


Documents that were attached to an element as a BPMN attribute can be either ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ documents and will be marked accordingly. For EPC, an information flow can be directed using the Information Flow attribute.