Generating IT system usage matrices

BPMN 2.0 process diagrams and event-driven process chains provide the possibility to attach IT systems to a task. With BPMN, those IT systems can be tagged as an input or output.

The IT system usage matrices report creates an assignment matrix that shows which IT systems data is read from during an activity, and which IT system data is written to. You can choose whether the assignments refer to roles or diagrams. The functionality also includes IT systems that were linked as dictionary entries from a custom defined attribute.

This article explains how to generate an IT system usage matrix for a BPMN 2.0 process diagram. However, those steps will work with EPC diagrams as well.

  1. Select a diagram (optional).
  2. Click Reporting and choose IT system usage matrix (by diagrams) (XLS) or IT system usage matrix (by roles) (XLS).
  1. The IT system usage dialog opens.
  2. If a diagram was selected during step 1, it will be selected in this dialog, too. It is now possible to extend or change the selection.
  1. Click Start analysis.
  2. Open the created document e.g. with Microsoft Excel. The IT systems will be highlighted in red.

An example of an IT systems usage report


An example of an IT systems usage report (roles)


If custom attributes linking to organizational dictionary entries were defined, those will also be included in the calculation.