Generating process model metrics

With process model metrics it is possible to generate statistics for your diagrams. These statistics include:

  • the diagram type
  • the number of elements in the diagram
  • the number of connectors in the diagram
  • the number of gateways and their type in the diagram
  • the number of subprocesses linked from and processed linking to the diagram
  • the number of dictionary links (including links in custom attributes)
  • the number of process elements that are not assigned to a person, role or organization
  • the number of responsibility handovers
  • the publishing state
  • the date of the last editing
  • the path to the diagram

This chapter explains how to generate a process model metric for a BPMN 2.0 process diagram. These steps will work with EPC as well.

  • (optional) Select a diagram.
  • Click Reporting and Process model metrics (XLS) in the top drop-down menu.

The menu entry for creating process model metrics

  • The Process model metrics dialog opens up.
  • If a diagram was selected during step 1, it will now be selected by default. It is possible to change or extend that selection here.

Start the analysis

  • Click Start analysis.
  • Open the generated document.

An example process model metric