Creating resource consumption analysis reports


This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition.

A resource consumption analysis allows for the calculating of time consumed in a process or a task. It can help you find complex and time consuming tasks and plot out the resource consumption of process participants.

To create a resource consumption analysis for one or multiple diagrams, follow these steps:

  • Select the diagram in the Explorer.
  • Click Reporting in the upper drop-down menu.
  • Click Resource consumption analysis (XLS).

The menu entry for exporting a Resource consumption analysis

  • The Quantitative analysis dialog opens. At first, you can adjust the diagram selection:

Select the diagrams to be included in the report

  • Click Next.
  • You can now choose the analysis options:

Configure report options

Resource consumption analysis is already selected. To also include linked subprocesses in the calculation, select Include subprocesses in calculation.

  • You can now add more information about the processes:

Personal allowance describes the delay during the execution that happens for personal reasons (breaks etc.). Technical allowance describes delays that happen for technical reasons (e.g. starting software, etc.). Based on the attributes Nominal value of work days / year and Nominal value of work hours / day, the full-time units are calculated.

You can also configure if the allowances and nominal values are supposed to be kept for the next analysis.
  • Click Start Calculation. If the diagram contains any structural or logical mistakes, the system will inform you about that. If errors occur, the program will ask you to go back to check the diagram in the Editor. Click Open diagram to do so and check the steps described at the beginning of this chapter:


    An error message is displayed if there are syntax errors in the included diagrams.

    If there are no errors, an XLS file will be generated. Open it with a program such as Microsoft Excel. Click the link to open or save the file.

    This file contains the analysis. The values are based on functions, so changing one value may change the values in other fields accordingly.

    If multiple diagrams were included in the report, one new tab will be created for each diagram in the Excel file. An additional tab will be created as a front page that shows the data for the processes.