Generating risks management reports


This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition.

With Process Manager’s integrated risk management feature, process modelers now have the ability to define risks and controls directly at any step of a process within the process model. These risks and controls can be defined and then associated with the corresponding activities.

To obtain an overview of potential risks and related controls, an automatic report can be generated. This report summarizes all information about the risks and controls in the selected process models.

To generate the report, click Reporting, then Risks & controls report in the top drop-down menu in the Explorer.


Select the diagrams you want to include. Expand the selection menu Show additional attributes in the report to select additional attributes that the report should include along with the risk management attributes.


It is not possible to include table attributes. You cannot select risk management attributes on diagram level as the report includes them by default.

Then, click Start analysis:


Configure the risk management report

An Excel sheet (.xls) will be generated:


A risks and controls report