Frequently asked questions

How can I quickly display diagrams without opening the Editor?

The fastest option is to use the diagram preview. Select a diagram in the Explorer and hit the space bar or use the arrow symbol at the bottom left of the main window to expand the preview section.

The Collaboration Hub preview allows you to quickly navigate the diagrams of your workspace. To open the Collaboration Hub preview, open the Explorer and select Share - Preview in Collaboration Hub.

How can I disable email notifications?

By default, the system informs you about every change made to a diagram you are working on in a team. There are multiple ways to disable notifications:

  • Select the diagram in the explorer, open the activity feed (press the space bar) and click Don’t notify me.
  • Open your profile settings under Setup - My profile in the Explorer and scroll down to the notification settings to adjust them.

My browser does not display Signavio’s applications correctly. What can I do?

  • Please ensure your browser supports Signavio. You find more information in the chapter Supported browsers.

  • After a system update, in rare cases it is necessary to refresh the internal storage (cache) of your browser.

    For this, open the application in your browser and use one of the following commands (depending on your operating system):

    • Windows: Ctrl + F5
    • Apple: Cmd + R
    • Linux (typically): F5

For further information, see the following chapters: