Creating and editing ArchiMate diagrams


This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition.

To create an ArchiMate diagram, open the Explorer and click New, then ArchiMate 3.0 in the top drop-down menu:


Create a new ArchiMate diagram

Your browser will open a new tab with the ArchiMate diagram canvas, with the shape repository on the left:


You find the shape repository on the left side of the canvas

You can switch between different ArchiMate element sub sets using the drop-down menu in the shape repository on the left:


You can switch between different ArchiMate element sub sets

Now simply drag and drag element onto the canvas:


Drag and drop elements onto the canvas

You can also use the interactive context menu:


Make use of the interactive context menu

To save the diagram, click the Floppy Disc icon in the upper left corner of the Editor.


Save the diagram

More detailed instructions on how to edit diagrams can be easily derived from the BPMN modeling instructions in this user manual.

Linking ArchiMate to BPMN diagrams

You can easily link BPMN diagrams to ArchiMate’s Business Process objects.

Once you have created the business process object in ArchiMate, click it and select the attribute Business process reference:


Select the ‘Business process reference’ attribute

Alternatively, you can click the arrow in the upper right corner of the Business Process object:


Click the arrow

Now, a dialog opens from which you can either create a new diagram or link an existing one:


Link a BPMN diagram to an ArchiMate ‘Business Process’ object

Using the dictionary with the ArchiMate Editor

Within the ArchiMate Editor it’s easy to make use of Signavio’s dictionary:


Reference a dictionary entry

The dictionary is modeling language-independent, meaning you can access entries you created from BPMN diagrams in ArchiMate and vice versa.