BPMN Simulation

The BPMN simulation tool allows you to visualize process runs and to analyze processes based on configurable one-case and multiple-case scenarios in order to gain information about cost, cycle times, resources and bottlenecks.


Modeling users who merely have read access to a diagram can still use its BPMN simulation. However, such users can’t manage its simulation scenarios.

Simulating BPMN diagrams can help to increase process awareness and can answer specific questions like:

  • How much does a process run cost on average?
  • How are costs distributed over roles / tasks?
  • How much would 10% more of case X instead of case Y affect the cost?
  • Where is the bottleneck in this process?
  • How much of everyone‘s time is consumed in this process?
  • How would 20% more requests affect the cycle time?
  • Would an additional risk analyst speed up the cycle time?


The simulation works with BPMN 2.0 diagrams only.

The simulation tool offers the following modes:

The step-by-step simulation mode allows you to step through the process element by element and to focus completely on the process flow.

The one-case simulation mode allows you to simulate one specific case and to analyze costs and time consumption for this case.

This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition.

The multiple-cases simulation mode allows you to simulate multiple process runs taking into account configured probabilities and analyzing quantitative data and bottlenecks.

For creating and managing simulation scenarios, refer to the following section:

You can export the results of the multiple case simulation as an XLS spreadsheet.

If you’re not sure what specific metrics in the simulation results mean, please refer to our metrics overview section.

In case you encounter problems with the BPMN simulation tool, please check the troubleshooting-chapter.

To go to the BPMN simulation tool, select a model in the Explorer and click Edit, then Simulate BPMN Diagram:


Alternatively, you can switch from the editing, QuickModel or diagram comparison view to the BPMN Simulator. Click the drop-down menu next to your user name on the top right and select Simulation, you will be directed to the simulator:


Now the BPMN simulation tool is displayed:


You can now choose between

step-by-step simulation:


, one-case simulation:


and multiple-cases simulation: