One-case simulation


This function is available in the Enterprise Edition.

The one-case simulation function allows you to simulate one specific case and to analyze costs and time consumption for this case.

Before running the one-case simulation, you might want to configure the scenario on which the simulation is based. You can find more information about scenarios in the chapter Manage scenarios.

To run the one-case simulation, select a scenario and click the Play button:


The BPMN Simulator will automatically go through the process flow step-by-step.

When passing an exclusive (XOR) gateway, you can determine the subsequent sequence flow or wait for the system to decide (based on the probabilities given) which way to choose. The simulation will continue and choose a path automatically when the timer symbol on the top right of the element has run full circle:


Either wait for the system to choose a way or select the desired subsequent sequence flow

During the simulation, the simulation tiles display the overall costs, cycle time and resource consumption at the current position in the process (left column) and of the complete previous run (right column). The bottleneck tile is only relevant for n-case simulation.


The tiles display costs, cycle time and resource consumption.

It might be necessary to explain the difference between cycle time and resource consumption: Cycle time refers to the amount of time between start and completion of a process while resource consumption is used as a term for the overall time process participants committed to process execution.

For detailed quantitative information, click More in the corresponding tile:


In case the simulation speed is faster or slower than needed, you can click the Pause button...


...and use the Step button to go through the each process element manually:


To restart the simulation, click the Restart button: