Introduction to Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub is a powerful tool for collaborative process and decision management. It serves as the access point to your process landscape for non-modelers and enables users to view diagrams and diagram details and to leave comments for other viewers and modelers.


The way you enter Collaboration Hub depends on your Signavio edition and system configuration. Read more add Entering Collaboration Hub.

The structure of Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub contains three areas: the title bar with the diagram header, the central area displaying diagram information and the navigation panel on the left.

The header provides basic information, like the user name (or guest for certificate-based authentication), the diagram title and parent diagrams:

The header provides basic information.

The header provides basic information.

The navigation panel on the left gives you access to the ‘Home’ page and the Search function and lists every diagram that is accessible for the user in a folder tree. It also lists all dictionary categories, which can be used to navigate to dictionary entries. Hub users can only see diagrams that are published.

The navigation panel

The navigation panel

The Home page, available at the top in the navigation panel, is the entry page to Collaboration Hub as a Hub user. It shows an entry diagram (if specified), and shows the text defined in the diagram-level attribute Description of the entry diagram or a default Signavio text. It also gives you the option to search for key words amongst the published diagrams, files and dictionary entries in the search field. The Recent Updates header lists all recently published changes in diagrams, files and Dictionary items chronologically.

For Dictionary items applies that, if automatic publishing mode is enabled, they are shown in the list when they were last updated. In manual publishing mode, the Dictionary items are shown at the time they were manually published.

The 'Home' page of Collaboration Hub

The ‘Home’ page of Collaboration Hub

The Search page gives you the option to search for key words amongst the published diagrams, files and dictionary entries. You can activate the advanced search by clicking the little arrow right of the search field. Here, you can define additional search parameters:

The advanced search in Collaboration Hub.

The advanced search in Collaboration Hub.

If the ‘Home’ page is deactivated, the ‘Search’ page will also be unavailable. Instead, a simple search panel will be displayed at the top of the navigation panel in Collaboration Hub.

The central diagram view provides detailed information about the diagram. It is divided into three tabs:

  • Process Attributes

  • Activities


  • Diagram

The Process Attributes tab contains an overview over the diagram’s rank in your process hierarchy and the process activities as well as core attributes on diagram level, like for example Documentation and Process triggers:

the 'Process Attributes' tab

The ‘Process Attributes’ tab

The Activities tab contains detailed information about activities. Activities can be filtered by role:

The 'Activities' tab

The ‘Activities’ tab

The Diagram tab contains a visual representation of the diagram:

the 'Diagram' tab

The ‘Diagram’ tab