Accessing detailed information and comments

By clicking on elements in the diagram, you can display element details.

Viewing details about diagram elements

In the Diagram tab, clicking on a diagram element opens a pop up window with detailed information about the element.

An info tab shows title and description of the element:


View details of the element ‘Work equipment’

If you click the Question mark icon in the upper right corner of an element, the page will auto scroll to the BPMN key at the bottom of the page:


The link leads to information about the corresponding element in the BPMN key


The BPMN legend

The Activities-tab provides an overview over all activities (tasks) in a list-based view:


Workflow information displayed in the ‘Activities’ tab

Linked documents can be directly accessed:


Click the link to download the document

Documents and pictures can be linked through custom attributes or dictionary entries.

Viewing and adding comments

The Comments section at the bottom of each tab lets you view and add comments. The system marks new comments with a red vertical line/circle and factored in comments with a green vertical line/checkmark. The Filter by dropdown box allows you to limit the displayed comments according to the following filter options:

All:Displays all comments
New:Displays all comments that have not been factored in, yet
Own:Displays only comments you have added yourself

To comment, type a comment into the text box an click Submit:


Type in a comment and click ‘Submit’


If a diagram element is selected while you are writing a comment, the comment will be attached to the corresponding element. If no element is selected, the comment will refer to the diagram in general.

The full-screen diagram view

If you would like to see a more complex diagram in full-screen mode in Collaboration Hub, go to the diagram tab and click the Full-Screen button.


To view the diagram in full screen mode, click this button

To go back to Collaboration Hub from full-screen mode, click Escape (Esc).

Staying informed about changes (subscription)

As a modeling user, if you would like to stay informed about a diagram you are currently viewing in Collaboration Hub, you can simply click the bell symbol to receive information about all changes that will be made to the diagram in the future.


Click the bell symbol to subscribe or unsubscribe to the diagram


If you have already subscribed to the folder the diagram is saved in, you will not be able to change this setting in Collaboration Hub.