The BPM Academic Initiative

The BPM Academic Initiative is a joint program of Signavio and several international universities to support business process management in academic teaching and research. As part of the Academic Initiative, Signavio allows students and teachers to use the academic process modeling platform at for free, given the purpose is non-commercial and non-productive.

Please note the following differences between Signavio’s academic platform and the commercial offering:

  • It is illegal to use Signavio’s academic platform for commercial or productive purposes.
  • All content users create on the academic platform may be made publicly available for research purposes (if requested, anonymized).
  • Signavio doesn’t provide any performance or availability guarantees for the academic platform. Signavio may deploy code to the academic platform before it is deemed mature enough for our commercial systems.
  • The focus of the academic platform is process modeling. Many advanced process management and collaboration features are not available. The same applies to document uploads and interfaces for system integrations.
  • While Signavio generally handles requests from users of our academic platform, questions and issues of paying customers are given a higher priority. Signavio doesn’t commit to responding to inquiries of users of the academic platform within a specific timeframe.

If you accidentally registered for the Academic Initiative at, please create a new account for one of the following systems:

If you want to transfer your data from the academic platform to one of our production systems, contact the Signavio Support Team at