Updating your Collaboration Hub certificates to SHA-256 with RSA encryption


This article is only relevant if you use Collaboration Hub with certificate-based authentication.

Until December 15, 2016, Collaboration Hub users of Signavio’s software-as-a-service system can authenticate using an SHA-1 encrypted client certificate. As SHA-1 is a deprecated encryption algorithm, on January 1, 2017, Microsoft Windows and major browsers - most importantly Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome - will stop accepting SHA-1 certificates.

Thus, Signavio will change the required authentication certificates to SHA-256 with RSA-encrypted certificates December 15, 2016.

Until then, you can download both the SHA-1 encrypted certificate and the SHA-256 with RSA-encrypted certificate through the download dialog in the Signavio Explorer.


Please make sure all Collaboration Hub users have installed the new certificate by December 15, 2016. From this date on, authenticating with an old SHA-1 encrypted certificate will fail, if the authenticating browser has no new SHA-256 encrypted certificate installed. Until December 15, 2016, you need to have the old SHA-1 encrypted certificate installed.

To ease the transition, your users can have both the new and the old certificate in their browsers.

For more information on how to install certificates, please read Installing the browser certificate and Importing a Signavio certificates.