Possible issues: JavaScript & cookies

Signavio Process Manager requires JavaScript to run. Cookies are required to authenticate your browser during the login. If one of those functionalities is disabled, problems will occur.

  • When trying to login, you are redirected to the login page again, even if the username and password entered are valid. In this case, cookies are deactivated in your browser.
  • Instead of Signavio Process Manager, a blank page is displayed. In this case, JavaScript is deactivated.

If you are using Linux/OSX/Windows 7 or higher and your browser is up to date, JavaScript and cookies should be activated by default.


To change these settings, you may need administrator rights on your account. Please contact your system administrator if you cannot access and/or change the settings described in this chapter.

If you have the printed version of this manual, please check how to activate JavaScript and/or cookies in your browser’s online user guide.

The links to the corresponding webpages are provided below.

Activating JavaScript for all browsers