How to register/login at Signavio

Signavio is a web application. This means you access your Signavio Process Manager workspace by logging into your account on the Signavio server.

Go to and click the Try it button in the upper right corner of the page to register for the software. Alternatively, if you received an invitation email to the Signavio software, you can click the link in the email to get to the page. If you are using the On Premise of Signavio, please get the local URL from your workspace administrator.

the signavio webpage


If you register for a trial account with an email address that has been invited to join a Signavio workspace, this license will be automatically added to your new account.


To optimize worldwide availability, we provide two Software-as-a-Service systems:

When you register to create your workspace, you can decide which system you want to use.

Please fill out all fields and confirm by clicking Try Signavio

register at signavio


To register with the license that has been purchased for you, you have to use the e-mail address you received your invitation at.

If you have a Signavio account, please go to (European Server), (US server) or (Australian server)to log in. Enter the email address and password you used at registration into the respective fields and click Login. If you are using the On-Premise Edition of Signavio Process Manager, please get the local URL from your workspace administrator. If the login was successful, the Signavio Explorer will load in your browser. You can learn about the basic functions of Signavio in the chapter General introduction.