Entering Collaboration Hub

The way you access Collaboration Hub depends on your configuration settings. If you are not sure which setting your organization is using, please contact the person in charge.


Since version 11.11.0 newly registered workspaces receive a set of Collaboration Hub licenses that can be assigned to email addresses directly through the user management dialog. If you registered your workspace before version 11.11.0 (January 2018) and want to use this type of Collaboration Hub license, contact the Signavio Support Team at support@signavio.com.

Entering Collaboration Hub with a certificate (Software-as-a-Service)

As soon as you have installed the portal certificate, opening the URL https://editor.signavio.com/intra/portal (European Server), https://app-us.signavio.com/intra/portal (US server) or https://app-au.signavio.com/intra/portal (Australian server) leads you to Collaboration Hub.

Access Collaboration Hub.

Access Collaboration Hub.

If there is no valid certificate installed, a corresponding error message will be displayed.


If you require certificate access to Collaboration Hub, please inform your workspace administrator. If you are a workspace administrator and you wish to activate the certificate-based access to Collaboration Hub, see the chapter Creating certificates for Collaboration Hub access.

Accessing Collaboration Hub without authentication (On Premise)

If you are using the Signavio On Premise Edition without Active Director or SAML integration, you can simply open the URL of Collaboration Hub, http://<ServerURL>/p/portal. <ServerURL> stands for the base URL of your Signavio On Premise system. An explicit login is not necessary.

Ask your administrator for the exact address.

Logging into Collaboration Hub as an Active Directory user (On Premise)

To log into Collaboration Hub as an Active Directory user, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the URL http://<ServerURL>/p/portal. <ServerURL> stands for the base URL of your Signavio On Premise system. Ask your administrator for the exact address. Use the usual login credentials of your domain.

  2. For the login, type your credentials for the Active Directory domain.

    Login with your Active Directory user credentials.
  3. If you are currently not in the domain of the Signavio system, specify the domain name in front of the user name. Please comply with the following format: Enterprise\Username.

    Please make sure that the user name has the format 'Enterprise\Username'.
  4. Click OK to login.

Logging into Collaboration Hub via SAML (Software-as-a-Service)

To access Collaboration Hub via SAML Single-Sign-On, ask your Signavio workspace administrator for the exact URL.

Open the URL in your browser to access Collaboration Hub.

In case you are not authenticated, the SAML authentication provider will handle further steps.

The Collaboration Hub preview

By using the Collaboration Hub preview, modelers have an intuitive read and commenting view on diagrams. the Collaboration Hub preview is especially helpful to quickly navigate diagrams or dictionary entries, for example during a meeting.

  1. To access the Collaboration Hub preview, click Share - Preview in Collaboration Hub.

    Open the Collaboration Hub preview via the Signavio Explorer's top drop-down menu.
  2. The Collaboration Hub preview opens. If you have selected a diagram, Collaboration Hub will show this diagram. Otherwise, the default entry diagram or homepage is shown.

    the Collaboration Hub preview: You can view and leave comments for all diagrams in the 'Shared documents' folder.