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Each day, a new tip is displayed.

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You can (de-)activate the automatic display of tips in your profile settings.

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Overview of all tips

This section provides an overview over all tips.

Create free space (Ctrl + M)

Add or remove additional horizontal or vertical space between diagram elements


Read more at Creating more space - shortening and stretching diagrams.

Create diagrams

Signavio supports the popular notations BPMN, DMN and ArchiMate, as well as other diagram formats.


Read more at Creating a new diagram.

Import diagrams

Signavio supports all popular interchange formats, i.e. BPMN 2.0.


Read more at Exporting and importing diagrams.


Create comprehensive and insightful reports based on your process diagrams.


Read more at Reporting.


Publish your processes in the Collaboration Portal and share them with your colleagues.


Read more at The Collaboration Portal.

Modeling convention and syntax check

Check if your diagrams comply with official standards or modeling conventions.


Read more at Checking diagram syntax.

Printing diagrams


Read more at Exporting and printing diagrams as PDF documents.

Revert changes

No worries if you make a mistake: Use undo/redo (Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y).


Read more at Undo / Redo.

Style diagram elements

Adjust the size, color or font style of diagram elements - according to your corporate design.


Read more at Formatting labels.

Copy & paste

You can easily copy (Ctrl + C) content from one diagram and paste it into another one(Ctrl + V).


Read more at Copying elements.

Comment on diagrams

Provide and receive feedback directly at the relevant diagram element in Signavio.


Read more at Working with comments.

Do you have questions?

Click the mail button in the Editor - our support specialists are always happy to help.


Read more at Support.

User guide

You can find all information you need in our comprehensive user guide.


Use the interactive context menu

Change element types, reference dictionary items or create the next diagram element without leaving the canvas.


Read more at Adding elements using the interactive context menu.

Switch between editing tools

Use QuickModel, e.g. for systematically filling out attributes and manage changes using the revision comparison.


Read more at QuickModel.

Drag & drop from the dictionary

You can easily re-use dictionary objects through dragging and dropping them from the pane below the shape repository.


Read more at Tutorial: Dictionary best practices.

Preview diagrams in the Explorer

Select a diagram in the Explorer and hit the spacebar.


Read more at Additional functions.

Stay up to date with changes in diagrams

Use the Activity Feed’s version history to learn what has been changed in a diagram.


Read more at Additional functions.

Use the context menu to transform elements

Click the wrench symbol at the bottom left of an element to change its type.


Read more at Adding elements using the interactive context menu.

Customize Collaboration Hub

Configure Collaboration Hub to optimally support your organization’s requirements.


Read more at Configuring Collaboration Hub.

Execute your processes with Signavio

Transfer your process to Workflow Accelerator and execute them there. No programming skills required!


Read more at Executing processes in Workflow Accelerator.

Embed diagrams

If you use embedding instead of downloading a static picture, the diagram is always up-to-date across systems, like in your project management system.


Read more at Embedding diagrams in external systems.

Business-user friendly modeling

Use QuickModel’s spreadsheet-like interface to quickly create simple diagrams or to specify element attributes.


Read more at Tutorial: Modeling for beginners with QuickModel.

Create entry point diagrams to your process landscape

Use value chain diagrams to set up a high-level overview of your process.


Read more at Creating & editing Value Chains.

Enterprise architecture modeling

Use ArchiMate to integrate your process landscape with your enterprise architecture.


Read more at ArchiMate.

Signavio eLearning courses

Sign up for one of our eLearning courses and improve your process and decision management skills.


Read our Applied BPM & BDM Blog

On our Applied BPM & BDM Blog, our experts explain common use cases and challenges of Business Process and Business Decision Management with the help of practical examples.


Read our Corporate Blog

Learn about latest business transformation trends on our Corporate Blog.


Signavio on YouTube

Learn more about Business Process and Decision Management on our YouTube channel.


Signavio white papers

We frequently publish white papers that explain current trends and common business transformation challenges.


You find an overview of all white papers on our website.

Simulate business processes

Use the BPMN simulation tool to identify KPIs and bottlenecks in different process variants.

Read more at BPMN Simulation.


Signavio Process Intelligence

Analyze your actual process data and automatically compare it with your process models to identify non-compliant process variants, for example.

Read more on our website.