Frequently asked questions

How can I remove a user from my workspace and what are the consequences?

In the Explorer menu bar, click Setup, then Manage users to open the User management dialog. Select a user in the left column and click Remove user.

When you delete users from a workspace, the system doesn’t send out a notification email. The next time the deleted user tries to log in, the system will show an incorrect username-password combination error.

With the deletion of a user, all diagrams and files in the user’s My Documents folder are deleted as well. The diagrams and files the user created in or uploaded into the Shared Documents folder remain, as well as comments and changes the user made to other diagrams. Also, dictionary entries the user has created or edited remain.

What are the possibilities to integrate Process Manager and Collaboration Hub with Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory and SAML?

You find an overview of all common integration scenarios at System integration scenarios.

We use the Microsoft SharePoint component of the Signavio Collaboration Hub. Why is it not possible to print diagrams?

This problem can be solved by adding Signavio Process Manager to the trusted sites of Internet Explorer. If you use Signavio Process Manager in the software-as-a-service version, the corresponding URL is (European server), respectively (US server) or (Australian server).

In the section Trusted sites (Windows), you find detailed information on how to set trusted sites.

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