Importing Signavio archive (SGX) files


During the 30 day trial, this feature is available on request.

The import functionality for Signavio archives (SGX) provides a possibility to import diagrams that were previously exported to the Signavio-specific SGX format.

In order to import an SGX file, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Signavio Explorer and click Import / Export - Import Signavio archive (SGX).
Open the SGX import dialog.

Open the SGX import dialog.

  1. Now, click Choose File, choose the archive and click Import.
Select the file to be imported.

Select the file to you want to import.

The archive may contain dictionary entries used in the diagrams. Tick Import dictionary entries to import them with the diagrams. The dictionary entries will be added to your workspace’s dictionary - also if a similar entry already exists. For example, if the dictionary entry “invoice” already exists and the imported SGX also contains an entry “invoice”, both entries will exist in your workspace’s dictionary after the import.

There are two ways to avoid redundant entries:

  • Tick Overwrite existing dictionary entries with the same title. Be careful: entries that are overwritten cannot be restored. Also, be aware that you might unintentionally create duplicate dictionary entries if you do not choose this option. Removing or merging double dictionary entries is possible, but can only be done manually and may take time.
  • If the overwrite-option is deactivated, we recommend you to check for and if necessary remove redundant entries later. Read more at Merging dictionary entries.
  1. The diagrams and folders contained in the archive are imported now.