Importing/exporting diagrams and uploading files

The export features allow you to use your diagram data outside of Signavio Process Manager and to transfer diagram data between Signavio workspaces/instances.

Moreover, you can import diagrams, e.g. to use data of legacy systems and upload other relevant file to the Signavio workspace.

Importing diagrams

The import functionality allows transfer data from other workspaces or 3rd party software to Signavio Process Manager.

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Exporting diagrams

You can export diagrams into various formats. For example, you can create diagrams in Signavio and export them as BPMN 2.0 XML in order to execute them with jBPM.

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Uploading files

It is possible to upload documents and pictures to your Signavio file storage.

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The Import/Export menu in the Signavio Explorer provides the possibility to export diagrams into and import them from various formats.