Managing user groups

When dealing with a large number of users, Signavio’s user group functionality allows you to manage access rights more easily.

Creating a new user group

To create a new user group, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Explorer, click under Setup the Manage Users & access rights entry. The user management dialog opens.
  2. Open the User groups tab.
Switch to the user group management tab.
  1. Click the Add icon above the group list. A dialog box opens where you can define a name for the user group.
Adding a new user group.
  1. Type in the user group name and then click OK. The new user group is created and appears in the user groups list.
Choosing a name for a user group.

Configuring a user group

After you have created a new user group, you can define subordinate groups, so that a hierarchy can be created. This can be very helpful if you want to share diagrams with specific groups of users. Furthermore, you can add users to this group or change the group name. In this way, users can be appointed to administrators by adding them to the respective group (see below).

  1. First, select the group from the list that is supposed to be edited.
Selecting a user group.
  1. Optinally, edit the name of the user group and click Change. The name will be updated.
Changing the name of a user group.
  1. Now you can add users to the group. Open the dropdown list, all users and user groups registered in the system are shown. Alternatively, type in the user name ans use the auto-completion.
  2. Select the desired user or group name and then click Add. The user name appears immediately in the list of users/groups. You can add multiple users or groups to a group.
Add users or whole user groups to the new group.


In the user group management dialog, you can also manage access rights to specific feature packages via the user group management dialog. Read more at Managing access rights to feature sets.

Appointing workspace administrators

In Signavio Process Manager, administrators manage workspace settings and user access. They also make sure that even with many users, the workspace remains well structured and clean.

If you add users to the Administrators group as explained in the beginning of this chapter, they will have the same administrative rights as you (e.g. configuring the workspace). However, they won’t be able to access or manage the content in the modelers’ My documents folders.

As administrators have extensive rights and can make profound changes to your Signavio Process Manager workspace, IT-skilled users familiar with the system and BPM(N) should be in charge.

Deleting user groups

To delete a user group, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the user group you want to remove.
  2. Click the Remove icon above the group list.
Remove a user group.
  1. As the group will be permanently deleted, you have to confirm this with Yes in the warning dialog box.