Creating certificates


Please consider the certificate update from December 15, 2016 to ensure a better encryption algorithm.

As a workspace administrator, you are able to create user certificates to grant read access to diagrams in Collaboration Hub.

In this chapter, the use of Collaboration Hub with certificate in the Software-as-a-service version of Signavio Process Manager is described. If you are using the on-premise version please read more about publishing in the chapter Granting read access in the On Premise Edition. To be able to create a certificate, the Collaboration Hub extension must be activated for your Signavio workspace. You can book Collaboration Hub with a number of licenses fitting to your organization via your Signavio contact.

Follow these steps to create a certificate:

  1. In the Explorer, click in the Setup menu the Manage Collaboration Hub authentication entry. The corresponding dialog box opens.
  2. If no certificate was created before, click Create certificate. This may take up to 30 seconds.
The Manage the Collaboration Hub certificate dialog box.
  1. After the certificate creation has been completed, you can download it by clicking Download certificate. The dialog also provides you with the password for the certificate. You will need this password when installing the certificate. As a workspace administrator, you can go back to the Manage Collaboration Hub authentication dialog any time, for example to check the password and download the certificate.

You can also deactivate or remove a certificate in this dialog box. This can be useful if you do not have access to the machines of users whose Collaboration Hub access should be revoked.


By deactivating or removing a certificate certified users can no longer access Collaboration Hub of your workspace. A removed certificate cannot be recovered - should you delete a certificate, a new certificate has to be created and then reinstalled on each device. To facilitate this, there is the possibility to install certificates using certutil.