Configuring access to Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub users have the ability to read and comment on diagrams published to Collaboration Hub.

Collaboration Hub.

Collaboration Hub.

Collaboration hub users are not only (or at least not exclusively) managed in the Explorer under Setup. To enable Hub users access to diagrams, Collaboration Hub has to be configured correspondingly. In addition, diagrams have to be published explicitly.

Access right management variants for Collaboration Hub users

Depending on your edition and integration variant of Collaboration Hub, the access configuration may vary:

  • Since version 11.11.0, you can manage Collaboration Hub users in the same way you manage users of Process Manager (username/password-based).


    • If you acquired the Collaboration Hub before the release of version 11.11.0 (January 2018), you can request the activation of username/password-based Collaboration Hub licenses by contacting Then, you can revoke the certificate and send out email invites to the persons who should register for Collaboration Hub. In case you have configured authentication via LDAP or SAML, a manual activation and migration is not necessary.
    • The username/password-based authentication mechanism also supports fine-grained access rights management for Collaboration Hub users.
  • You are using the Signavio On-Premise Edition without Active Directory integration: In this case, you only have to make sure that Hub users can access the URL <serverurl>/intra/portal (if necessary contact your administrator). Once a diagram has been published, all Hub users can access and comment on it.

  • You are using the Signavio On-Premise Edition with Active Directory integration: In this case, you have to configure the Active Directory integration component. It is then necessary to configure read access to Collaboration Hub. Read more under Manage read access rights.

  • You are using Signavio in combination with the Microsoft SharePoint integration component either as Software-as-a-Service or as On-Premise Edition: More information on SharePoint integration can be found here Microsoft SharePoint Integration.

  • You are using Signavio as Software-as-a-Service and Collaboration Hub with certificate-based publishing: Hub users are able to access Collaboration Hub after having installed the safety certificate in their browsers. Please refer to the chapters Creating certificates, Installing the browser certificate and Entering Collaboration Hub.

  • You are using Signavio as Software-as-a-Service and Collaboration Hub with SAML 2.0-based authentication: Hub users can authenticate via a third-party account using a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) SSO service. Read more under Enabling single sign-on via SAML.

Once Collaboration Hub is configured correctly, published diagrams are available to all Hub users with access rights.

A detailed description on how to publish diagrams is available under Publishing diagrams.