Integrating Signavio Process Manager with Workflow Accelerator


To make use of this feature, you need Workflow Accelerator licenses. For more information, contact

With the Workflow Accelerator integration, you combine the intuitive and powerful modeling, analytics and simulation tools of Signavio Process Manager with a business user-friendly execution system.

Due to Workflow Accelerator’s low code/zero code approach, deployments and configuration can be easily managed by people without comprehensive software development or administration skills.


To establish a link between Signavio Process Manager and Workflow Accelerator, open the Signavio Explorer, select a diagram you want to deploy and click Workflow Accelerator - Execute in Workflow Accelerator:

Click 'Workflow Accelerator' - 'Execute in Workflow Accelerator'.

Click ‘Workflow Accelerator’ - ‘Execute in Workflow Accelerator.

If the integration has not been set up, an activation dialog is displayed. Activate the check box at the bottom of the dialog and click Activate:

Setup the Workflow Accelerator integration.

Setup the Workflow Accelerator integration.

Now, a new dialog will guide you through the deployment of your first process as described at Process deployment.

Process design

You can design Workflow Accelerator processes like any other processes, as described at Editing BPMN diagrams.

However, we recommend you to inform yourself about the BPMN elements that are supported by Workflow Accelerator.

Let’s take a look at a simple document approval process:

A document approval process that can be executed in Workflow Accelerator.

A document approval process that can be executed in Workflow Accelerator.

As you can see, the process consists of only basic BPMN elements.

We recommend you to stick to the following elements for your first Workflow Accelerator processes:

  • Pools/Lanes
  • Simple Start and End Events
  • Exclusive and Parallel Gateways
  • User and System Tasks
  • Sequence Flows

When designing a process, it often helps to make use of Signavio’s collaboration and simulation features.

For example, to increase process awareness and encourage feedback, you can publish the diagram in the Collaboration Hub.

Process deployment

To transfer a process to Workflow Accelerator, select it in the Signavio Explorer and click Workflow Accelerator - Execute in Workflow Accelerator.

In case the process contains elements that are not supported by Workflow Accelerator, a warning will appear. If these elements are supposed to be relevant for process execution, you should adjust the process accordingly.

Subsequently, select the diagram language the process should have in Workflow Accelerator and click Transfer:

Transfer the process to Workflow Accelerator.

Transfer the process to Workflow Accelerator.

Adjusting deployed processes

Sometimes you will find it necessary to adjust the process after a couple of test runs in Workflow Accelerator. This is, of course, easily possible.

There are two approaches to adjust a deployed process:

  • You adjust the process in Signavio Process Manager and re-deploy it as described above at Process design.
  • You adjust the process directly in Workflow Accelerator as described at Then, you can use the Execute in Workflow Accelerator function in the Signavio Explorer to transfer the changes back to Signavio Process Manager.

For more information about process execution, please refer to the section Executing processes in Workflow Accelerator and the corresponding chapter in the Workflow Accelerator User Guide.